To the knowledge of the eighteenth century Neapolitan culture it is essential to the visit of the Royal Palace of Caserta, one of the largest and most majestic buildings of Italy, with a park, where a spectacular series of fountains and waterfalls gives an unparalleled grandeur.

The tour is divided into three hours, but only if, in addition to the royal palace, you will also want to visit the park and the English garden

The Reggia di Caserta, called the new Versailles, is in Piazza Carlo III, its construction was ordered by Charles III of Bourbon and built in 1752 by Luigi Vanvitelli, who also occupied the park.

The tour starts with the visit of the royal apartments, then continue in the park, which covers an area of ​​120 hectares, which is why a small bus takes you to the large waterfall that plunges 78 meters in the green, (you can choose to do the path of the park to the waterfall with a horse-drawn carriage). Continuing on foot you can access the English garden, which stretches for 25 hectares with ancient trees, rare plants and ponds.

Naples is one of the most important cities in the history of our country, whose historic center has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. As early as bright as Parthenope in Roman times and as Neapolis in the times of Ancient Greece, the capital of Campania He reached the height of its greatness in modern times, when it becomes the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Visiting Naples means plunging into one of extraordinary complexity and beauty scenario: palaces, squares, churches, streets, ancient fortresses and castles in the sea, but also natural caves and places full of mystery and mysticism that make Naples a memorable milestone for every traveler.

Every corner of the city contains works of incalculable artistic and historical value, which is why we offer the visitor the opportunity to build, together with the help of a tour guide of the Campania region, a custom background for the city, so that in half a day you can have a satisfactory view of our magnificent Naples.

Given the many attractions of Naples we will just name a few of the most significant places you can choose to visit.

Starting from the center of Naples, the three adjoining squares Town Hall, Trieste e Trento and Plebiscito, into which the main city arteries. Nearby Castel Nuovo known as the Maschio Angioino, the Teatro di San Carlo and opposite the theater stands the Galleria Umberto I, while in Piazza Trieste e Trento there is the Caffè Gambrinus, the most ancient and famous of the city, where you can stop to taste a good Neapolitan coffee.

Walking through the old center of Naples, you will realize that one of the main monuments of the city is the same of the urban layout, almost entirely preserved and woven on three axes called "decumani".

If you start from the Cathedral, you can visit the cathedral ela Royal Chapel of St. Gennaro Treasury. Via Duomo crosses the three decumani (the lower, the middle and upper), in fact, nearby you will find an uninterrupted sequence of squares, churches and palaces of the most important: from via S. Biagio dei Booksellers in Via San Gregorio Armeno , the heart of the artisan Naples and one of the most famous streets of the historic center to the market statues and items for the crib; Piazza del Gesù Nuovo in the monastery of St. Clare with the majolica Cloister of the Poor Clares, or the National Archaeological Museum, one of the first in the world.

One of the most striking points of observation of Naples is the Belvedere di San Martino, so you can take advantage to also visit the Certosa, the National Museum of San Martino and Castel Sant'Elmo. If you wish, instead, take a scenic bus ride, to admire and photograph the beauty of the Gulf of Naples, we will take you to the Belvedere on Via Petrarca.

In addition, you can walk along the promenade, which starts from Via Nazario Sauro, continuing along Via Partenope, along which is Castel dell'Ovo, then Via Caracciolo and Mergellina.

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